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Tang Hong Lee

Malaysian artist Tang Hong Lee latest works are filled with youthful vigour, an ecstatic expression of nature with a touch of the magical and fantasy. Art editor Nurul Muzamel Rasidi in his review of Tang's recent works called them 'Pop Surrealism'.

Artist Highlight
Liz McKay
Artist Highlight - Liz McKay

Sydney-based artist Liz McKay, 34, is known for her groovy paintings which explore the mood & relationships of people in intimate surroundings such as European bars & cafes. "The figures in my works convey intriguing expressions and the interaction between the painted figures invite the viewer to explore the unwritten thoughts & feelings between them & how they can express wider truth about ourselves" said the artist.

Featured Works
Takuma Tanaka's paintings bring viewers into his world - one that is imaginary and happy. His landscapes are a celebration of life. Bathed in layers of oil colours in vivid blues, yellows and greens, his works are simple and embracing, Takuma's lively brushworks are delivered with unabashed liberation and a sense of play. His subjects adorned a simplicity of form, reduced to their essentials with colours penetrating one another

Featured Artist
Lim Ah Cheng
Since he painted his first horse series some 15 years ago. artist Lim Ah Cheng has garnered the attention of collectors to become one of Malaysia’s most recognizable painter of his generation. Themes in his oeuvre include ‘Orchestra series and animals subjects’ delivered with panache and in quick lively brushworks that move even novice enthusiasts.

ArtSingapore 2010
Soon Lai Wai

Soon’s art is very much influenced by the aesthetics of Chinese painting. His intention is to express Chinese art philosophy in the medium of oil to reflect his Chinese cultural background. His lotus paintings exude a sensual and serene feel that echoes a state of mind, dream-like at times... read more » 

ArtSingapore 2009
Ling Yang Chang

An established painter in traditional Chinese painting Chang continues on his experimentation with new forms, with western influences in technique and presentation; incorporating them into traditional Chinese brush & ink painting. Chang's intention is to make new forms & express new sensibilities to engage with international modernism. 

Close Up Artist
Ronald Apriyan
Close Up Artist - Ronald Apriyan

Arguably one of the freshest painter to emerge on the art scene, Apriyan paints with uninhibited sensibilities. Welding a combination of figurative and abstract elements, Apriyan playfully articulates with such innocence and honesty. His soft commentary work touch on the social conditions around him. peppered with a dose of humour. view works » 

"Tropical Lights"

Exhibition: 23 August to 5 September, 2013  

Landscapes and animals are the source of inspiration in this exhibition by 4 Malaysian artists. The process of painting and diversity of techniques used to interpret nature’s power and beauty, unfurls a wide range of responses from the artists, in highly per­sonal way. From the influences of drawing to paint sculptural quality and capturing that elusive moment all make each painting a unique work of art.

Title of Exhibition : 'Tropical Lights'
Venue : Momentous Arts, 1557 Keppel Rd (Behind Southpoint) BLK C, #03-27. Singapore 089066
Date :  23 August to 5 September, 2013
Time : 11:30am - 6:45pm (Monday - Friday),
Noon - 12:00pm—5:30pm Saturdays. Sundays by appointment. Closed on Public holidays.
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Edwin Wilwayco

Art historian James T. Valliere interviews artist Edwin Wilwayco. Read here

Off Roading No 4
Off Roading No 5  

James T. Valliere’s interviews with Jackson Pollock’s contemporaries, including Willem de Kooning and critic Clement Greenberg have appeared in many publications and are in the Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian Museum. Valliere’s latest work is the Amazon e-book: Pollock: How Lee Krasner Built His Legacy.


Poetry In Motion an interview with Lim Ah Cheng. Read here


What is Perfection?   Ha Myounggoo

“My current pieces are based on conveying one’s sensitivity & sensual needs through sculpture using the basic processes of ceramics. My main inspiration on developing this idea is based on the theme of maternal tenderness and warmth - the warmth of a mothers hug, the softness of a treasured rag doll. The textures & feelings that are all too common to all people. Using clay I was able to express the softness of one’s touch.”


Choi Jae IL


Korean artist Choi Jae IL minimalist aesthetics brings a fresh perspective to the sculptures he creates. Echoing nature’s abundant life forms, his delicately sculpted ceramics surprises with disarmingly playful simplicity. Choi sets the path for the viewer to experience a soothing, calming and joyful sensation, leaving the mind to ponder the possibilities in his creations.

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Rene Robles

In the 1950's there was abstract expressionism. In the 1960's there was pop art, and from 1970 to the present, a steadfastly growing diversity in art has developed. What all these developments have in common is that they reflect developments in their societies. Art is not static, it continually seeks a new way of visual expression. In the 1950's and 60's artists followed particular stylistic disciplines and their results were distinct. In the last three decades, however, diversity destroyed every form of discipline. Artists use recycled materials and can go back and forth in time from the ancient period to the present for their subject mode which can mutate or combine with others, resulting in a different art form.

- Written by M. Teresa Rodriguez, Art Historian 

Paintings by Rene Robles

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Pete Jimenez Dragica Milunovic Georg Heider Loo Hooi Nam

He sees the potential of found objects (iron in this case), pick the pieces that he likes, bring them back where he hammer and weld them in his garage. Filipino sculptor Pete Jimenez would reconfigured the metals with humor and imagination, smacked with eccentricity. 

Sculptures by Pete Jimenez

It's quite exciting when you're knocked out by the visual impact of a painting. That's just the kind of effect we've come to expect from Dragica Milunovic's work and she certainly doesn't let us down in this exhibition. Here she offers a collection of fourteen works, ranging in size from 150 cm square to 5 cm square, each composed of cross-hatched lines made by the point of a small brush dipped in tints and tones of a single colour. - From a 2007 exhibition review (partial) by Judith McGrath 

Paintings by Dragica Milunovic

Born in 1944, in southern Germany, In 2003 after visiting an exhibition of paintings on back of glass near Murnau, he loved it so much that he started to paint in the same technique. The desire to further the technique grew more and more, that it now becomes an obsession. Inspired by his imagination, his imagery are often exaggerated or with a double meaning. “No prejudice or hurt, I prefer things with movement and bright colors that fill an image, things that create happiness, said the artist. “I paint with acrylic paints. As you can see both sides of the glass, we are not sure of how things will never work in the end. When painting on the back glass, there is some risk. But turn the glass is almost always a wonderful moment as laugh and sing at the same time and I do not want to paint in other materials.”

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Beyond the familiar landscapes in Loo Hooi Nam paintings, there is a kind of suspense which Loo offers viewers; the experience of being there with him - like taking in the wind on a secluded beach or the rustling of leaves in a quiet afternoon. Each of these moment captured with swift unrestrained palette knife strokes and marks that exhibit his instinctive impulses and feeling for the place he is painting. One has to feel your way across the terrain with eyes open and will be richly rewarded with a surface adventure that hypnotized and pulsate with light and colour.

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