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'Portraits of Nature'
a solo exhibition by Ling Yang Chang
Feb 6 to 26, 2009


With a history of more than 3000 years, Chinese ink painting is an art form rooted in tradition. With the proliferation of oil painting, many Asian artists face the daunting task of keeping this art form relevant and its aesthetics appealing in the modern day context. For Singaporean artist Ling Yang Chang whose practice in the ink medium dates back to the 80’s, relishes every challenge that has come his way.

Ling is an artist that is not afraid to experiment and seek new perspectives. He continually searches for new meaning and expression in the unique ink medium. His intention is clear, he wants us to see the beauty of flowing lines, executed with intuitive spontaneity made possible by years of discipline and practice and a solid ink and brush controlled technique. Scenes of nature and enchanting streams composed in carefree exuberance that speaks powerfully to modernity, projecting the artist’s unique personal expression. Retaining the finest elements of the ink art tradition remains at the core of Ling's art, yet challenging the status quo that has remain with much of Chinese ink art is what Ling finds most fulfilling.

Born in 1963, Ling has a natural affinity for Chinese brush painting, with its close attention to the beauty of lines, poetical resonance and philosophical depth. In the medium of ink painting, Ling is a complete artist in the Chinese scholarly tradition; not only does he carve his own seals; he inscribes his own verses with his calligraphy.

A graduate in Chinese Studies and Economics, Ling begins his art career in traditional Chinese painting and venture into areas of western art medium at a later stage. Today, he is an art educator who teaches art in both eastern and western medium.

Exhibition : Feb 6 to 26, 2009























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